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How to hire great programmers?

20.04.2012 Leave a comment

Noticed on Herb Sutter’s blog: quotes from Steve Jobs.

The interesting quote is: “In most businesses, the difference between average and good [employee] is at best 2 to 1. […]┬áBut in software, it’s at least 25 to 1. […]┬áThe secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.”

I guess the difference between people in the middle of that range (12) and the people closer to the end (1) can easily be spotted per my previous post. But how do you tell the difference between the best ones (25) and the middle ones (12)? Especially this: how do you tell whether a person has the potential to become a “25”? How did Steve do that?

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Facebook and Twitter

31.03.2012 Leave a comment

I set up a Facebook page and a Twitter account so that it’s easier for you to follow this blog. The Facebook page is and the Twitter account is @chrisdraganname . Hopefully this post will be the first to be publicized on both.

Twitter was trivial, but it was not as easy as one would have thought to set up a Facebook page. After setting up the Facebook page for the blog I learned that WordPress refuses to post my posts on it, I had to create a profile. Even after I created the profile and bound the page to it WordPress still refused to connect to Facebook.

Let’s see how it goes, all for your convenience, dear reader.


WordPress still refuses to publish posts to the Facebook page and wants to publish to my profile instead. Very confusing. You can still like my blog page on Facebook, it’s public.

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First post!

17.10.2011 Leave a comment

I’m starting this blog to have a place to publish my ideas and thoughts, perhaps also to share things that seem interesting to me. To describe it as a brain dump is a bit exaggerated though.

I don’t know too many blogs, I follow one or two, so I don’t really have a picture of how to shape this blog yet. Some rules out there propose that a good blog should be focused, frankly I don’t really care. If someone finds my future posts interesting – great!

Googling revealed this blogging website is #1, although not the most user-friendly. The W logo looks like Volkswagen logo at a first glance. The deal breaker for me was the availability of highly rate mobile apps, so I don’t have to use a PC to add new posts.

So this is a beginning, let’s see where we get from here…

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