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We’re trying to avoid cursing at home as much as possible and so far our children did not pick up any curse words.

But for some time now our three-year old son has been using the word “poop” quite often. He finds it very amusing. I think it all started when our kids were practicing joking and this word was said in anĀ innocuous,Ā  funny context. He picked it up and it stuck.

Now he’s using it often at numerous occasions. Sometimes to get attention. Sometimes to make people laugh. And sometimes when he’s angry. Especially when he has to do something he does not want to or when he’s punished. Then he repeats or exclaims it multiple times, or says “you are a poop!”.

Because he hasn’t been exposed to cursing before, I think he invented cursing on his own. Cursing is apparently natural and as some studies indicate, brings relief in some situations, e.g. reduces pain.

Interestingly we’ve never had such problem with our daughter. This is one of the many examples we’ve noticed of the differences between males and females.

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