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High-end game consoles are past their best days. The top consoles from Microsoft and Sony haven’t been refreshed in 6-7 years. Meanwhile the PC platform kept improvements coming and Nintendo has shown with Wii that a console doesn’t need top hardware to be popular. In the recent years console manufacturers faced a new challenge – iOS and Android platforms introduced casual gaming and started eroding the console market.

The nice thing about iOS and Android is that the games for these platforms are super cheap. Spending a few bucks a month for a few games is not a big deal, home budged will certainly not notice that. More sophisticated games cost $5+ which is still not a big deal. For a small portion of a cost of one console game one can purchase several good quality games and play them anywhere, not attached to a TV.

Nintendo has already released a new version of their console – Wii U. However it seems that their new console doesn’t sell as good as they anticipated. Sony and Microsoft are expected to release new versions of their consoles later this year. Will they enjoy better sales, or will they face similar problems to Nintendo’s?

Well, the Android ecosystem isn’t sleeping either. Ouya is one example of an Android-based console, which was an overwhelming success on Kickstarter last year, confirming that this is what the users want. Ouya will certainly steal more market share from the big guns.

I anticipate that Sony’s, Microsoft’s and Nintendo’s consoles will face a really touch competition. My advice for them is to jump on the Android bandwagon, otherwise they will share the same fate as Nokia.

Do you think the high-end consoles will survive?

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