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Skyline (2010)

I’ve seen this movie a long time ago, but it was in some way exceptional and thus memorable. I highly recommend seeing it if you’re into the SciFi genre.

It is not a AAA movie, I did not know the actors earlier and some of their acting was not of the best, although it was not totally bad either.

The visual effects are interesting, the story is a little bit believable and the aliens in this movie are awesome in my opinion. You can’t tell the same about most SciFi movies, especially when you take into account the recent outbreak of idiotic superhero movies. Skyline brings some fresh ideas and an original plot and that’s why I think it’s worth seeing.


The trailer makes it clear that it’s a movie about an invasion. What I like is that it is not one of those movies in which humans always win. To the contrary, puny humans stand no chance! There is a little twist at the end though.

The scene with huge aliens wandering around the city is my favorite.

There are some things I did not like, of course. For example the whole setting is unrealistic – the aliens came to conquer humans just to use their brains in their machines. It makes no sense to me, because computers and artificial brains we will create in the coming decades can have much better capabilities and performance than human brain. Aliens capable of interstellar travel should have computer technology beyond what we can currently imagine.

Nevertheless, it’s worth seeing in my opinion, even as a pure entertainment. Enjoy!

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