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Rest in peace, Steve

Steve Jobs did a lot of good for humanity. Maybe he was not always a good person (e.g. he used to park in handicapped spots), but let him, who is without sin, cast the first stone. Steve showed us that a single company can make great, high quality products. He was a genius in bringing a vision to market.

Sure, a Dell or HP laptop can be useful, but frankly after years of using an aluminium MacBook I can’t even look at the plasticky laptops. The PC laptops are of the same bad build quality they used to be 15 years ago. Once I was in a store and I thought I had a revelation, I saw a HP laptop which looked like a MacBook ripoff. I thought – great, finally they are trying to copy Apple and bring good quality to PC users. But when I touched it, I found out it was the same plastic quality as the black cousins, only it was in the aluminium color. Nice try.

Say what you want, but MacBook Airs are like devices from Sci-Fi movies from the previous decade. The latest batch is not only thin and light, they also outlive most other laptops on a single charge.

Ultimately, Steve drove the latest revolution in computing. With iPhone, iPod touch and later iPad, he showed us that one can really make a phone or a PDA which is really useful. A really personal device, which is easy to use and beautiful. Everything before iPhone was clumsy and choppy.

Steve was the heart of Apple, he was making the company work efficiently and effectively. But I always knew, that if Steve were to leave Apple, the company would not do so good anymore.

Regrettably Steve is no longer with us. It’s been a tragedy for his family, for Apple and for all of us.

Every company has a period of getting there, its top days and a decay. The length of decay usually depends on how much wealth and mass the company has accumulated during its top days.

Apple is already past its best times. The problem with the market of electronic devices is that as soon as you stop innovating, you are dead. iOS 7 is the first sign of Apple’s demise. If you are not familiar with iOS 7, it looks a lot like a cross of Android and Metro (Windows 8). I personally find the Metro design too simplistic. In short: I wholeheartedly hate it and find it repulsive. It seems as it’s been “designed” by a wannabe artist who thinks MS Paint is a great tool for making graphics. In my opinion, Metro is not something I would recommend another company to copy. Unfortunately iOS 7 looks a lot like that. I am sure that Samsung is now really happy.

I truly hope that I am wrong and that Apple will show us many great innovations. They have a lot of talented employees, but how well their talent will be used depends on the management. I wish Apple all the best and expect them to stay on top of further innovations, although I feel that the loss of Steve and the current developments don’t bode well for them. If this trend continues, Apple may be out of business (or bought out) in less than 10 years.

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  1. Vivek
    30.09.2013 at 10:12

    I actually disagree. I think iOS 7 slowly grows on you. Yes, there are a lot of kinks, but I expect them to be resolved in future updates. I have seen a lot of useful features been added with this update and quite a bit of latency has been reduced. Just check out Safari and how usable it has become with this update. Also, iOS 7 would be perfect for a bigger screen iPhone which may come sometime next year.

    Also, Android is still clunky. Yes it works, but I have never got the pleasure from it that I get from using an Apple device.

    I am quite sure Apple has a bunch of stuff coming up which will surprise the market. The one quality which is missing in most OEMs, which Apple does really well is polish a feature, make it usable and market it like crazy. None of the Android vendors get this. I would actually argue that this is a great time to buy Apple stock.

    They have slowed down, but they are nowhere out of the game.

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