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What Android phone makers don’t want you to know

Explosive news: a new Android phone from a popular manufacturer is out. How long is it good for?

It is “good” for maybe two years. You are lucky if your Android device receives an upgrade to the latest version of Android after that time. However, when it comes to important security patches, you cannot count on promptly updates no matter how new your device is, in many cases. That is the track record of most top Android brands, including Google’s own Nexus devices.

Poor support for updates can only be expected for the most expensive devices. If you buy a cheap phone from your carrier, it usually comes with a one- or two-year old version of Android and you will never receive any updates. Sit tight and wait for malware to pwn your phone.

Moral of the story? Vote with your wallet, avoid Android if you can.

Please leave a comment if you find a phone manufacturer who gives you updates for 5 years.

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  1. Larry Carver
    13.07.2018 at 10:47

    I haven’t ever received 5 ( or more ) years of updates, on any mobile phone. But I have had a Sony Xperia for well over a year, and it continues to receive Android updates ( currently running 8.0.0 ). Am pretty content, with this one. Have you had a good experience, on other-than-Android ( with long-running support ) … is it from Apple ?

    • 13.07.2018 at 12:22

      AFAIK Apple supports its HW with updates for about 5 years and they are good with regards to privacy. I finally got an iPhone and I’ve been happy with it every since. Worth recommending for these reasons.

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